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For the traveler arriving by plane, Hawaii reveals itself in the green spires of the Koolau Mountains, the glimmering high-rises of Waikiki, the aqua intensity of the water, the fleets of white sails dotting the sea, and the network of crisscrossing freeways, pineapple plantations, and sugarcane fields. But apart from the island’s beauty, a trip to Hawaii makes you aware of its remoteness—it waits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean like a crossroads as well as a cloister.

Visitors often arrive with the sort of dazed, uncertain look that comes from spending hours cooped up inside a jumbo jet.

Gradually their quizzical expressions will change to ones of delight, as the scent of tropical flowers carried aloft cool trade winds surrounds them and refreshes their weary lungs and limbs. Within hours they’re blissed out: Paradise has enveloped their hearts, and they become determined to stay forever.

That is how many folks discover Hawaii: They come on vacation and then realize this is where they really want to live. Yet Hawaii’s true nature is much more far-reaching and complex than one’s first few deliciously seductive impressions.

Relocating to the Islands is a big step—you must learn a whole new way of life.

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