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Three Foods You Should Bring On Your Next Picnic

Traveling is about scenic spots, cultural immersion, and good food. But when eating out can seem out of your budget, make the most out of the place’s lovely weather and beautiful fields with a picnic party for the whole family.

And, while you are at it, make sure the food you will be bringing are nutritious and tooth-friendly. Here are some food recommendations for your family picnic.

Add extra cheese to your sweet family moments

Cheese does not only provide additional flavor to dishes, but it is also a source of important vitamins and minerals which help in strengthening the teeth. It has calcium for healthy teeth and protein casein for keeping the enamel strong.

Cheese also maintains the pH balance of the mouth and stimulates the production of saliva. Additionally, it has probiotics or healthy bacteria which fight bad oral bacteria in the mouth and other parts of the body. By fighting off harmful bacteria, cavity development, gum disease, and other dental problems are prevented.

For your picnic, you can try cheese cubes, cheese dip with breadsticks, herb cream cheese on baguette slices, and brie cheese on crackers.

Go for a taste of the sea with fishes

Aside from its fresh taste and a healthier alternative to pork or beef, fishes are also helpful in replenishing lost mineral which is important in enamel health. As the teeth undergo a lot from food consumption, speaking, and other activities, the tooth enamel can wear and expose the dentin leading to weak and sensitive teeth. Fishes can provide the needed phosphorus to repair the enamel and defend it against wear.

There are a variety of dishes you can try with fishes such as tuna salad, fish tacos, and smoked salmon on crackers. If fishes are not your preference, you can choose other seafood like shrimp.


Have a bite of celery

The thought of eating celery may not sit well with most people, but this vegetable is filled with fiber. Its crunchy, chewy, and fibrous texture is very helpful in maintaining the cleanliness of our mouth as it can act like a toothbrush. Aside from cleaning the teeth, it can also contribute to saliva protection which is crucial in combatting oral bacteria and stopping them from reproducing.

When you are on a picnic, you can include celery in your picnic meals by eating it with peanut butter, as an ingredient in a pasta salad or vegetable soup, and as a garnish to an apple salad with mustard vinaigrette.

More tips for a fun and healthy picnic

  • Leave sugary and acidic drinks like coffee, alcoholic beverages, and soda at home as they can wear the enamel and increase the likelihood of cavities. Instead, make a fresh fruit juice or smoothie, or go for water with mint and sliced cucumbers.
  • Opt for bananas with some almonds and drizzle of honey for desserts or other foods with less sugar. You can also eat fresh fruits instead of sugary treats.
  • Go soft with your teeth by limiting hard and sticky foods which have a high possibility of getting stuck in your teeth.
  • Bring toothpicks! Brushing your teeth may not be easy while you are out on picnic grounds, so use toothpicks instead to remove stuck foods between your teeth and to prevent them from lingering.

6 Travel Reminders For Healthy Teeth On The Road

Going on a vacation is exciting. Walking the pathways of an unfamiliar place or driving to an unknown destination calls for an adventure.

But before embarking on your next journey, make sure you have everything you need to keep your travel as trouble-free as possible.

Prioritize your necessities which include your oral hygiene routine. Getting a toothache while snacking on that manapua in Hawaii is a bummer, right? You also do not want a bad breath to greet your newfound friends, or worst, travel around the unfamiliar city looking for a dentist.


How can I keep my teeth healthy while on the road?

  • Go light with travel-sized hygiene products!

So, first and foremost, pack your toothbrush! Any toothbrush will do, but you may want to get a two-piece folding toothbrush for convenience. It will also save you some space.

Travel-sized toothpaste is also readily available in supermarkets and convenience stores. Dental flosses also come in small sizes which fit, along with your toothbrush and toothpaste, in a handy pouch.

If you cannot find your favorite products in travel-friendly sizes, you can use small containers or tiny bottles to store them while you move around places.

Although basic hygiene products are available almost everyone, it does not hurt to bring your own. It will save you money and time and free you from the hassle of scouting places for them.


  • Do the basic!


The thing is, despite venturing a different road and meeting new people, the basic oral hygiene routine remains the same — brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash.

Even though you are having the best time of your life, do not forget to brush. Your schedule may be busy walking around, driving, or touring sites, but you must never neglect your teeth. Make time to grab your toothbrush and sneak a two-minute brush at least twice a day.

Flossing is also necessary. Although it may consume more time than brushing, commit to it as food particles can hide between the teeth which your toothbrush usually cannot reach. When these particles are left, bacteria will feed on them and produce acid that will lead to the breakdown of your teeth due to a cavity.

  • Can’t Brush? Gargle!

Traveling also involves a lot of eating. We want to dip ourselves in the culture of the area and try everything native to the new place. After you munched on that lilikoi-flavored shaved ice, drink water to wash down the sugar or food particles that may have been left.

Since brushing and flossing may not be convenient at all times, rinsing and gargling will help in controlling the accumulation of bacteria and food particles, preventing them from staying longer inside the mouth.

  • Eat wisely!

Instead of grabbing that potato chip bag, opt for teeth-friendly snacks like cheese, nuts, and fruits. Cheese, nuts, and fruits stimulate saliva production which is essential in keeping your mouth moist and fight off bacteria.

  • Grab that H2O

Always drink water. Proper hydration is vital to the body especially if you are traveling to a tropical country. Water also helps in saliva production.

  • Visit your dentist before embarking on a journey

Before setting off, you may want to visit your dentist to ensure that everything is okay with your oral health.

Especially if you are going on long travel in an unfamiliar place, it is best to be free from oral-related problems while traveling and be checked while at the comforts of a familiar environment by your dentist, right?

But, if unpreventable, do not hesitate to ask around for the best dentist in the area.

If you are in the middle of your tour in Hawaii and experienced dental problems, you can visit Hawaii Family Dental in its 11 locations statewide. We are in Honolulu, Mililani, Downtown Honolulu, Aiea, Kaneohe, Ewa Beach, Hilo, Kailua Island, Kahului, Kihei, and Lihue.

You can also give us a call at 808-748-4985.